The Singer's Studio

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Owned And Operated By Devon Graves

We just finished production of the Epic Masterwork by Eric Clayton A Thousand Scars Released April 24th 2020, Recorded at EpicSoundStudios-Studio D

 "It sounds great indeed man! and the space / depth is gorgeous!!"- Peter Van't Riet Mastering Engineer Guru - Finetune Mastering

"The album is produced by Devon Graves stepping up to take the helm in capturing the sheer power and musical brilliance from Clayton and his brother Jeff... One of the best productions of 2020..." Edwin van Hoof-

Real Guitars

Real Amps

Real Drums

Real Players


Singer-Songwriters, check this out...

Mando came with this...

... and she left with this

"I knew Devon as an artist and musician, but now he proved to be a great producer as well. I consider Bare Bones to be one of the best albums of my career."-Mando


...So who's next?