Live Room A

In House Drums

This is a nearly vintage Yamaha Recording Custom. Hand built in the Japanese Factory. 22" Kick, 10" 12" 14" and 16" toms. 14"x 6.5"  Ludwig Supraphonic 14"X6.5" Pearl Sensitone Alloy Snare.

70' long, broken geometry, all wood live room with hardwood floors and angled ceiling. Beautiful ambience and no standing waves. This room sounds massive on drums! Also great for string sections, choir, and "off the floor" full band recording.

Selection of Paiste Rude Crash-Ride Cymbals. 16" 18" and 19"  13" Zildjan Custom Hihats  with Tama Iron Cobra Stand, 20" Zildjan Custom Power Ride. Also available, Paiste 2002 cymbals: 14" Medium Hihats, 20" Power Ride and 18" crash