All Rates Include Devon As Your Personal Engineer or Producer

Basic Rates:


50 Euros pr hour

350 Euros pr day (8 working hours)

1500 Euros 5 days


Artist Package:


This is my speciality!  A “full production” offer by where I engage in full or partial musical performance and arrangement with the artist.  The artist would send me a song in a workable format (timed to a tempo grid, for example) playing whatever instruments they can, programmed drums, midi keys, guitars, scratch vocals, or just simple vocals and guitar to a click track.  I will replace as much of any programmed instruments as I can with real instruments either playing them myself, or by way of hiring the appropriate session players. I will replace any performances that need to be played on behalf of the artist. I can also fill in a guitar-vocal demo with a full band arrangement around what the artist gives me, until the song is a full, polished production. Then the artist will come here to record the final vocals. This costs 500 to 1000 Euros per song, depending on whether I must hire or provide a rhythm section, or provide extensive instrumentation. The more the artist can provide, the less I would have to charge for the pre production.  Then there is a 100 Euro fee per song for mixing. I can give audio examples of my work, before and after my work is added. 


Flat rate packages


Demo Package: (3 songs, 4 session days for pre production) 1500 Euros, including mixing afterward.


EP Package: (5 songs, 6 session days for pre production) 2500 Euros including mixing afterward.


Album Package: (18 tracking days) 5000 Euros plus 100 Euros per song for mixing.


Vocalist Package: Record your band at any studio you choose, then send your singer to me for the very best in vocal production. Please ask for pricing because it really depends on the singer, and how difficult I think it might be to achieve our objective. But it would range typically from 1500 to 2000 for five days.



All prices include full use and access to all studio rooms including guest room, and wellness spa.