Analog Front End

Full Tube and Solid State Transformer Classic Design

2 Focusrite ISA 430 Producer packs

Original Mk1 units built in England designed by Rupert Neve. These six rack spaces represent a powerhouse of high end analog microphone processing for vocals and acoustic instruments. Read on...


Hand Built in England and the USA

Dual Universal Audio 1176 Compressors, 

Requisite Audio PAL MkIII Hand built Tube Mic Preamp and T-4 Opto Compressor. Cartec EQ-P1A Tube Equalizer hand built in England. Some of the very finest in analog compression and processing.

Additional Inputs

TL-Audio PA-1 2 channel Tube-Transformer Mic Pre and TL-Audio C-1 Stereo Tube Compressor built in England. Mackie Onyx 800R 8 channel solid state transformerless mic preamp, and Mackie 32 channel 8 Buss analog mixing console.