The Singer's Studio

If you are a vocalist in a recording band, you can get a world class production from start to finish here. However, if you have a favourite studio already, record your band there and come do your vocals here. You will get professional vocal coaching, and vocal production of the highest order, directly from me.


If you are a talented singer-songwriter, but don't have a full band, you can come here and I can build a full instrumental arrangement around your song that can stand up against any contemporary production. I have a unique taste and vision that will bring life color and passion into your music. I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Flute as well as sing and write. I work as a collaborator and co musician to any degree you need. I also have a large list of studio musicians who can play whatever I can not. Cello, Upright Bass, or drummer virtuoso or anything else can be made available. I emphasise the use of as many organic instruments as possible for that timeless sound of a human performance.


Since I am usually writing and recording with Psychotic Waltz or other projects, I can only take on very few, select clients each year. I prefer to take on projects that appeal to my own tastes because I think I can do better work with music and artists that I really like. So I do audition my potential clients to see if we are a good fit for each other. I do, however, have a very broad spectrum of what I can appreciate, as long as the songs are good songs. Good songs are always good songs.